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Analysis: Feerates and the Impact on UTXOs

An analysis of different feerates and the consequences this has on the economics of spending UTXOs of different values.,

An Analysis of Feerates and their Impact on Spending UTXOs


Feerate, short for “fee rate,” is a term used in the cryptocurrency world to refer to the amount of transaction fees that users are willing to pay for their transactions to be included in the blockchain. In this article, we will explore the consequences of different feerates on the economics of spending unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs) of varying values.

Understanding UTXOs

Before diving into the feerate analysis, it is essential to understand what UTXOs are. In the context of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, UTXOs are the individual units of coins received from previous transactions. When a user wants to spend their coins, they must provide a proof of ownership, which involves spending specific UTXOs associated with their digital wallet.

The Importance of Feerates

Feerates play a crucial role in determining the priority of transactions. Miners prioritize transactions with higher feerates since they offer more significant incentives to include them in the next block. Consequently, transactions with lower feerates may experience delays or even be left unconfirmed for extended periods.

Low-Value UTXOs

Low-value UTXOs typically refer to UTXOs with smaller denominations. When spending these UTXOs, it can be challenging to ensure that the feerate is sufficient to have the transaction included in a timely manner. Miners may prioritize transactions with higher feerates, causing lower-value UTXOs to remain unconfirmed for longer.

High-Value UTXOs

High-value UTXOs, on the other hand, typically refer to larger denominations. Spending these UTXOs can be more straightforward as users can afford to include higher feerates. Miners are usually more incentivized to include these transactions promptly due to the higher transaction fees associated with them.

Implications on Economics

The consequences of different feerates on spending UTXOs can have economic ripple effects. Users with large UTXOs may be more willing to spend them due to the higher incentive to miners, potentially increasing the circulation of coins in the market. Conversely, users with smaller UTXOs may be discouraged from spending due to the relative difficulty in getting transactions confirmed quickly, leading to hodling behavior.


Feerates play a significant role in determining the economics of spending UTXOs of different values. While high-value UTXOs may have an advantage due to the higher feerates they can afford, low-value UTXOs may face challenges in getting their transactions confirmed promptly. These dynamics can have implications on user behavior and overall market dynamics. Understanding these factors is essential for individuals and businesses involved in cryptocurrency transactions.

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