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Anduro: A Network of Sidechains

Anduro Sidechain Design: Federated/Merge Mined Hybrid Solution

Anduro is a federated/merge mined hybrid sidechain design, specifically designed to enable the federation to manage multiple sidechains with differing architectures.,

The Anduro Sidechain: A Federated/Merge Mined Hybrid Design

Anduro is a unique sidechain design that combines federated and merge mined features, offering flexibility in managing multiple sidechains with different architectures.

Understanding the Anduro Sidechain Design

Anduro’s design is tailored to allow a federation to oversee several sidechains simultaneously, each with its own distinct structure. This approach enables enhanced scalability and adaptability within the blockchain ecosystem.

The Benefits of Anduro Sidechain Design

By incorporating federated and merge mined elements, Anduro offers a versatile solution for managing diverse sidechains efficiently. This design promotes innovation and customization while maintaining interconnectivity within the blockchain network.

In summary, Anduro’s federated/merge mined hybrid sidechain design sets a new standard for flexibility and control in blockchain management, catering to the evolving needs of the crypto community.

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