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US Government Continues Bitcoin Seizures, Controls Nearly 1% of Circulating Supply

“Bitcoin Seizures: US Government Cracks Down on Bitfinex Hackers”

Massive Bitcoin seizures from Bitfinex hackers add to US government stockpile. Snowden predicts major government entry into Bitcoin market.,

Massive Bitcoin Seizures from Bitfinex Hackers


In a recent development, the US government has seized a significant amount of Bitcoin from the infamous Bitfinex hackers. This seizure adds to the US government’s growing stockpile of cryptocurrencies obtained through various criminal investigations and actions. The Bitfinex hack in 2016 resulted in the loss of approximately $60 million worth of Bitcoin at that time.


The US government has managed to confiscate the stolen Bitcoin, which has been stored in different addresses over the years. The authorities have been successful in tracking and retrieving a considerable portion of the stolen funds, marking a significant win in the fight against cybercrime and cryptocurrency theft.

These seizures highlight the government’s increasing involvement in the cryptocurrency space and their efforts to combat illicit activities within the industry. By cracking down on hackers and cybercriminals, the authorities aim to establish a more secure environment for investors and users participating in the crypto market.

Snowden Predicts Major Government Entry into Bitcoin Market

In related news, renowned whistleblower Edward Snowden has made predictions about major government players entering the Bitcoin market in the near future. Snowden anticipates that governments will increasingly focus on accumulating and utilizing cryptocurrencies for various purposes.

According to Snowden, this shift towards cryptocurrency adoption by governments could have far-reaching implications for the market dynamics and the overall perception of digital assets. As traditional financial institutions and government entities embrace cryptocurrencies, the landscape of digital finance is expected to evolve significantly.


The recent Bitcoin seizures from the Bitfinex hackers and Edward Snowden’s predictions regarding government involvement in the crypto market underscore the growing significance of cryptocurrencies in the global financial landscape. As regulatory authorities and governmental bodies navigate this digital frontier, the future of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, remains a topic of intense speculation and scrutiny.

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