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Cypherpunk Legend Adam Back Says $100,000 Bitcoin Price is 'Overdue'

Bitcoin’s Value: Adam Back’s Perspective

One of Bitcoin’s most significant contributors, Adam Back, believes the asset is currently undervalued, even at all-time price highs above $70,000.,

Bitcoin Contributor Adam Back Believes Asset is Undervalued

Adam Back, one of Bitcoin’s most significant contributors, has stated that he believes the asset is currently undervalued, even with all-time price highs reaching above $70,000.

Bitcoin’s Valuation According to Adam Back

Adam Back, who is a well-known figure in the Bitcoin community and is the co-founder and CEO of Blockstream, a prominent blockchain technology company, recently shared his views on Bitcoin’s valuation. Despite Bitcoin’s price surging to new all-time highs above $70,000, Back believes that the asset is still undervalued.

Back pointed out that Bitcoin’s scarcity, decentralized nature, and its potential to serve as a store of value are key factors contributing to its value. He emphasized that Bitcoin’s market capitalization would need to be much higher to reach levels that accurately reflect its true value.

Bitcoin’s Price Performance and Market Sentiment

Bitcoin’s price performance has been remarkable in recent years, with the cryptocurrency experiencing significant price appreciation. This has attracted both retail and institutional investors to the market, driving up demand for the digital asset.

Despite periodic price corrections and volatility, Bitcoin has continued to gain mainstream acceptance and adoption. Many investors view it as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty, further contributing to its value proposition.

Market sentiment towards Bitcoin remains bullish, with many analysts and experts predicting further price appreciation in the future. The increasing interest in Bitcoin mining, cryptocurrency investments, and blockchain technology indicates a growing acceptance of digital assets in the global financial landscape.


Adam Back’s views on Bitcoin’s valuation provide valuable insights into the asset’s potential and long-term outlook. As Bitcoin continues to gain mainstream acceptance and adoption, its value proposition is expected to grow, potentially reaching levels that surpass current market expectations.

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