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Bitcoin Asset Protocol BRC-20 Appoints New Maintainers

BRC-20 Protocol Governance Led by Layer 1 Foundation, Unisat, Best In Slot

Creator of BRC-20 announces Layer 1 Foundation, Unisat and Best In Slot as new co-lead maintainers over the governance of the protocol.,

Layer 1 Foundation, Unisat, and Best In Slot to Co-Lead Governance of BRC-20 Protocol

Recently, the creator of BRC-20 made an announcement regarding the governance of the protocol. Layer 1 Foundation, Unisat, and Best In Slot have been appointed as the new co-lead maintainers who will oversee the governance of the BRC-20 protocol.

This move signifies a new chapter for the BRC-20 protocol as it looks to strengthen its governance structure and ensure the long-term sustainability of the project. With the expertise and experience that Layer 1 Foundation, Unisat, and Best In Slot bring to the table, the protocol is expected to see significant improvements and advancements in the near future.

Layer 1 Foundation: A Strategic Partner

Layer 1 Foundation is known for its strategic approach to blockchain projects and has a strong track record of successfully leading and managing various protocols. Their involvement in the governance of the BRC-20 protocol is expected to bring valuable insights and guidance to the project.

Unisat: Leveraging DeFi Expertise

Unisat is a prominent player in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space and boasts extensive experience in managing and optimizing DeFi protocols. Their expertise will be instrumental in driving innovation and growth within the BRC-20 ecosystem.

Best In Slot: Enhancing User Experience

Best In Slot is renowned for its focus on user experience and customer satisfaction. By collaborating with the BRC-20 protocol, they aim to enhance user engagement and ensure the platform remains user-friendly and accessible to all stakeholders.

Overall, the appointment of Layer 1 Foundation, Unisat, and Best In Slot as co-lead maintainers of the BRC-20 protocol marks a significant milestone in the project’s journey towards achieving decentralized governance and sustainability.

For more information on this exciting development, watch the video above for insights from the key players involved in the governance of the BRC-20 protocol.

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