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Bitcoin Enters the Conversation within the German Parliament

German Bitcoin Advocacy in Parliament

German Bitcoin Youtuber Roman Reher, and CEO of GmbH Kristian Kläger speak in German Parliament after Joana Cotar, independent MP, puts Bitcoin on the parliament’s agenda.,

German Bitcoin Youtuber and CEO of GmbH Advocate for Bitcoin in German Parliament

Bitcoin in German Parliament

In a recent development, Bitcoin has found its way into the discussions within the German Parliament, thanks to the efforts of independent MP Joana Cotar. The parliament members engaged in a discussion regarding the importance and future implications of Bitcoin in the country.

Key Speakers

During the session, German Bitcoin Youtuber Roman Reher and Kristian Kläger, CEO of GmbH, were invited to speak on the subject. Both speakers provided valuable insights into the world of Bitcoin, crypto mining, and the role they can play in the country’s economy.

Advocacy for Bitcoin

Roman Reher and Kristian Kläger advocated for the adoption of Bitcoin and emphasized its potential to revolutionize the financial sector. They highlighted the benefits of Bitcoin mining and the positive impact it can have on the energy sector with the use of renewable energy sources.

Video Presentation

Bitcoin and Crypto Mining

The speakers also delved into the world of crypto mining, discussing the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities associated with mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They shed light on the use of ASIC miners and the importance of investing in efficient mining equipment.


The discussions held in the German Parliament regarding Bitcoin signify a growing interest in cryptocurrencies and their potential impact. With advocates like Roman Reher and Kristian Kläger championing the cause, the future of Bitcoin in Germany looks promising.

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