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24/7 Technical Service
Best all around service by international English, German, French, Czech, Ukrainian and Russian speaking service team.
Highly Qualified Experts
European quality standards through highly qualified experts from Austria and Switzerland at all locations worldwide.
Worldwide Operations
We connect local knowledge with global experience in collaboration with international network partners.
We are fully committed to our customers and partners.
Integrity and Reliability
We build a foundation of trust through honesty and reliability.
In line with global climate agreements, our focus is on renewable energy sources.
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Data Centers


Mega Watts


Hosted Devices

> 12 400


Mining Farms

container housing asic miners cheap


Total Capacity15 MW
Price€ 0.069 p. kW/h
Min. Quantity (Hosting)50 pcs.
Min. Quantity (Purchase + Hosting)from 10 pcs.
asic miner housing Europe

South Europe - Macedonia

Total Capacity200 MW
Pricefrom € 0.058 p. kW/h
Min. Quantity (Hosting)30 pcs.
Min. Quantity (Purchase + Hosting)from 5 pcs.

How the Process Operates

1 one

Get in touch with us and we will provide individual advice.

2 two

We will create a customized offer based on your needs and provide guidance on crypto-related inquiries.

3 three

Our experts handle the entire process of logistics, installation, and ongoing services

ASIC MINER mining farm
ASIC MINER mining farm green lights
ASIC MINER housing for asic miner

Customer Feedback


Pick Behind the Curtain

MINE ASIC House Space


Complete service

All of MINE ASIC’s hosting packages are all-inclusive rates that cover rack space, direct support, operations such as minor troubleshooting work, firmware updates, and on-site experts for upkeep of the infrastructure, which includes the energy supply, cooling technology, and IT network.


Approach for Mobile Data Centers

Depending on the site, we also deploy mobile container solutions in addition to building interiors. These offer the finest foundation for air exchange, resulting in the best possible ventilation and cooling of the high-performance computers due to their tiny volume.

MINE ASIC House outside view
Mine Asic house mining worker


Service Repair

ASIC miners, which are expensive high-performance computers, are pieces of equipment that continuously mine cryptocurrency. Problems could arise as a result of the heavy and ongoing load. As a result, MINE ASIC provides a thorough internal repair service. Our customers gain more money as a result of the substantial time they save.


Quality Guidelines

The hardware that MINE ASIC employs is of the highest caliber and comes from the top producers in the world. We are also able to improve the return on investment for our customers by increasing the effectiveness of the high-performance processors using specially built firmware.

Miner close-up view

Commonly asked questions about our service

With cooperation with PcPraha and Kentino we are evolving to be leaders with crypto-mining and accelerated computing in Europe.

We specialize on ASIC retail, ASIC repairs and GPU rig construction. We have also developed our own diagnostic system for ASICs in our service center and our own Operating System for GPU mining rigs.

MINE ASIC, with a successful presence in multiple countries since 2014, has demonstrated consistent growth in capacity even during challenging market conditions. Building a vast industry network, MINE ASIC has forged partnerships with hardware manufacturers and leading utilities, enabling our customers to reap the benefits. Our core commitment lies in delivering top-notch service, driven by a foundation of reliability, precision, and seamless execution.

MINE ASIC provides the most recent iterations of mining hardware from renowned manufacturers, allowing for the mining of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, and Kadena. To reach out to us, you can utilize our contact form or schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable specialists. The minimum order quantity varies between 10pcs and 25pcs, depending on the specific product type.

Certainly, you have the option to purchase only the mining hardware without the hosting service. Feel free to reach out to us using our contact form or schedule a direct appointment with one of our experts.

Indeed, we offer the option to host your own mining hardware with us. The minimum quantity required, depending on the location, ranges between 50 and 100 devices of the latest generation. To explore this opportunity further, please reach out to us through our contact form or schedule an appointment directly with one of our experts.

MINE ASIC’s service is what is commonly known as an “All-In Service.” This means that the hosting rate per kW/h includes all aspects such as site rental, direct support, ongoing operations and maintenance, firmware updates, and on-site technicians. The only exception is any potential repair services, which would be billed separately.

Yes, the required deposit varies based on the location and typically amounts to 1-2 months’ average consumption.

We have a preference for accepting USDC, USDT, and USD as payment.

Yes, we operate our own repair center located in Asuncion, Paraguay. In cases where repairs cannot be conducted at the hosting location, we provide the option of utilizing MINE ASIC’s dedicated in-house repair center at a competitive cost.

The majority of our locations are equipped with round-the-clock camera surveillance and supplemented by on-site security personnel. Furthermore, all our Paraguay-based locations have the added protection of insurance coverage against fire, theft, and wind incidents.

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