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How to extend your ASIC miner’s lifespan

Here we will present you the best mining ASIC preservation practices and recommendation.

ASIC miners are precious machines, so you need to take good care of them to avoid spending a lot on reserves. Luckily, there are some practices to make the most out of your miners.

How long do ASIC miners survive mining?

pplication-specific integrated circuits( or ASICs for short) are the most effective and important mining tackle we’ve moment.

Manufacturers make these machines with the sole purpose of booby-trapping a specific crypto algorithm, which is why ASICs are so effective.

still, mining is an ferocious and competitive process, and as similar, it pushes these machines to their maximum capabilities.

The average lifetime of a well- kept, maintained machine can be around 3 to 5 times. nonetheless, if you keep ASICs in harsh or poor conditions, they can deteriorate in as little as a many months.

conversely, taking good care of an ASIC miner can protract their lifetime for further than 5 times. numerous miners are still running their Antminer S9s — a model from 2016 — at a profit.

What is damaging ASIC miners the most?

As we ’ve said, ASICs are veritably important machines, but they ’re also enough delicate. Several external factors can fluently damage their factors if exposed to inimical conditions.

The most common causes for ASIC damage and deterioration are:

  • Little or no tailwind ASIC miners release a considerable quantum of heat, so it’s pivotal to keep and run them in a well- voiced position that keeps air moving and refreshing to avoid overheating.
    sticky, damp, or wettish surroundings Like any other electronic device, ASICs ’ internal factors are damaged by moisture, which can beget rust and erosion.
  • Extreme temperatures When the temperature is extremely hot, it can dock your tackle’s lifetime by dicing away its internal factors. Cold tends to be less critical, as ASICs release heat that cancounter-balance it. still, quick swings from below- zero to warm temperatures can beget condensation, provoking unrecoverable damage.

Exposing your mining tackle to surroundings and conditions that fit these criteria will lead to them underperforming, suffering progressive damage, and indeed breaking down or burning out.

Best practices for protecting ASIC miners

Now that we know what harms your mining hardware, let’s look into some recommendations to protect it against those adverse conditions.

Choosing a suitable location

The first thing you should consider is the position in which you’ll run your miner. Flash back that it must be a dry room with good, constant tailwind, so wide and open spaces should be the first choice.

still, you might want to consider installing fresh suckers to keep the air moving, maintain the room dry, If you don’t have access to any places like that.

Mitigating the heat

Secondly, treating the heat generated by the miners is another critical aspect of conserving your ASIC machines.

There are numerous ways to alleviate the heat from mining tackle. numerous mining installations have specialized and advanced cooling systems that reduce temperature, especially those with several ASIC miners next to each other.

Other miners have come up with innovative ways to repurpose the heat produced by ASIC machines, like hotting pools or hot barrels, dehydrating fruit, or turning it to glasshouses for growing crops.

These styles not only reduce or indeed exclude the damage high temperatures have on miners, but also enable increased profitability either by reducing costs or adding another source of income.

still, flash back that the primary precedence is treating the redundant heat to save your miners.

Regular maintenance and cleaning

It’s essential to perform regular conservation and clean the mining tackle. Removing accumulated dust not only prolongs lifetime, but also keeps performance high.

An air compressor gun is the stylish tool for ASIC miner cleaning.
As we mentioned over, ASICs are veritably delicate tackle, so you should be extremely careful during the cleaning process. Look for the manufacturer instructions in the stoner primer and follow them rigorously.

immaculately, you ’d have an air compressor and gun to blow the dust from the ASIC suckers and innards. still, you can also disassemble the miner and encounter the suckers manually — if you do this, flash back to be redundant careful!

Take care of your mining ASICs and mining rigs

ASIC miners are precious. Their price is the most significant part of any mining operation’s original investment. The more you can make them last, the smaller charges you ’ll have in the long term.

This said, that it’s pivotal that you can insure the most favorable conditions possible for your miners. Flash back to keep and run them in a well- voiced area with good tailwind, controlled temperature, and no moisture.

Along with regular cleaning and conservation, that will do the trick and allow you to enjoy your ASIC miners at maximum performance for several times.

Let it fly to the moon. Yes prices of crypto :).

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