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Marathon Launches Slipstream Tech Stack to Process Non-Standard Bitcoin Transactions

Largest Miner Launches Slipstream for Bitcoin Transactions

The world’s largest publicly traded miner has released its Slipstream service, allowing participants to directly publish complex and non-standard Bitcoin transactions through its MARA Pool.,

The Largest Publicly Traded Miner Launches Slipstream Service for Bitcoin Transactions


The world’s largest publicly traded miner has introduced the Slipstream service, which enables users to publish complicated and non-standard Bitcoin transactions directly through its MARA Pool. This move aims to streamline the process of conducting Bitcoin transactions and make it more accessible to participants.

Details of Slipstream Service

The Slipstream service provided by the mining company allows users to submit Bitcoin transactions that might be considered non-standard, such as those with multiple inputs or complex scripts. By utilizing the MARA Pool, participants can directly include these transactions in blocks, increasing the efficiency and flexibility of the process.

Benefits for Participants

Participants using the Slipstream service can enjoy several benefits, including faster transaction times, lower fees, increased privacy, and enhanced control over their Bitcoin transactions. This service caters to users who require specialized transaction features that may not be supported by traditional mining pools.


The introduction of the Slipstream service by the largest publicly traded miner signifies a significant step towards improving the efficiency and effectiveness of conducting Bitcoin transactions. By offering a platform for complex and non-standard transactions, MARA Pool aims to meet the diverse needs of participants in the crypto space.

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