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Bitcoin Exchange Relai Integrates Lightning Network For Its 100,000 European Users

Relai Partners: Lightning Network Advantages for Self-Custodial Users

Relai has partnered with Blockstream and Breez to allow its users to use the Lightning Network in a self-custodial manner.,

Relai Partners with Blockstream and Breez to Offer Self-Custodial Lightning Network Usage

The Partnership Details

Relai, a cryptocurrency investing app, has recently collaborated with Blockstream and Breez to enable its users to utilize the Lightning Network in a self-custodial fashion. This partnership aims to provide more autonomy and control to individuals over their Lightning Network transactions.

Benefits of the Partnership

By teaming up with Blockstream and Breez, Relai empowers its users to engage with the Lightning Network directly through their own wallets, ensuring greater security and privacy in their transactions. This move supports the decentralization of cryptocurrency transactions and enhances user experience within the crypto space.

Overview of the Lightning Network

The Lightning Network is a second-layer solution that operates on top of a blockchain, enabling faster and cheaper transactions than traditional on-chain methods. By leveraging the Lightning Network, users can execute microtransactions efficiently and scale the network’s capacity.


Through its collaboration with Blockstream and Breez, Relai paves the way for its users to experience the benefits of self-custodial Lightning Network usage. This partnership underscores the importance of fostering decentralized and user-centric solutions in the realm of cryptocurrency transactions.

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