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Newly Revealed Satoshi Email Correspondence with Martti Malmi

Unveiling Martti Malmi’s Key Bitcoin Exchanges with Satoshi Nakamoto

A look at some of the more significant exchanges in Martti Malmi’s recently disclosed email correspondence with Satoshi Nakamoto.,

Exploring Martti Malmi’s Email Correspondence with Satoshi Nakamoto


Martti Malmi, also known as Sirus, was the second developer of Bitcoin after its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Recently, some of Malmi’s email correspondence with Nakamoto has been disclosed, shedding light on the early days of Bitcoin and its development.

Significant Exchanges

Within the email exchanges between Malmi and Nakamoto, several significant discussions took place. One of the key topics was the establishment of various exchanges that would allow users to trade cryptocurrencies. Nakamoto believed that these exchanges were essential for the success and adoption of Bitcoin.

1. Mt. Gox

One of the most famous exchanges mentioned in the correspondence is Mt. Gox, which was the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world at one point. The emails show that Nakamoto and Malmi discussed the importance of Mt. Gox and its role in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

2. NewLibertyStandard

Another notable exchange discussed in the emails is NewLibertyStandard, which was one of the first exchanges to set a value for Bitcoin based on electricity costs. This early exchange played a crucial role in the pricing of Bitcoin in its initial days.

3. was also mentioned in the email correspondence as a platform for trading cryptocurrencies. The discussions around highlighted the growing interest in Bitcoin and other digital assets among users.


The email correspondence between Martti Malmi and Satoshi Nakamoto provides valuable insights into the early days of Bitcoin and the development of cryptocurrency exchanges. These exchanges played a vital role in the growth and adoption of Bitcoin, laying the foundation for the thriving crypto ecosystem we see today.

Overall, the exchanges discussed in the emails demonstrate the importance of infrastructure and platforms in the world of cryptocurrencies, highlighting the innovative spirit that drove the early pioneers of Bitcoin.

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